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Let's put your home phone bill on a crash diet!

EOL's TalkHD Home Digital is an independently owned and operated telephone network. TalkHD is a next generation Voice Over IP (VoIP) service over EOL's digital broadband network. Make and receive calls on the FREE App on your mobile phone.

EOL customers enjoy free local plus low national and worldwide calling rates, as well as unlimited free calling to other TalkHD customers..

Your existing landline phone number and mobile handset may be used when you download and install the FREE VoIP APP. This means you can take your home phone with you anywhere in the world that you have a mobile or Wifi connection.

Note: We can either supply you with a new phone number at no setup cost, or you can keep your existing phone number - a $25 porting charge will apply.

Services that work great with TalkHD Digital

Ultra Fibre Jumbo Fibre Ultra-x Wireless

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