About EOL

Established in 1995, EOL is a family owned and operated business born out of a passion to solve the unsolvable.

Our first clients came looking for solutions that no one else could find. From large commercial businesses to home users, these clients couldn’t access the internet. EOL is proud to lay claim to being one of the original NZ based internet providers. 

To this day, EOL still provides internet and connectivity solutions in the most challenging and often difficult locations and situations. More often than not, clients have come to us because other providers simply could not provide the solution they sought. While other internet providers go for the ‘low hanging fruit’, EOL prides itself on striving to address those challenges others won’t touch.

A true family business with family values

Established over 22 years ago by husband and wife team Terry and Linda, EOL is now a truly generational business with son Tivon also in the management team and the third generation in training!

Local support. Faster.

Being a proudly locally owned and operated business, EOL is able to get to its clients faster with the support they need from a local team. Their passion and expertise allows them to understand and fix any issues they come across.